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Kajiram Adhikari
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Published and released Journal issue of 2021

Published and released Journal issue of 2021


Comparative Study of lipid bilayer membranes permeability with reconstituted five AmB-lipid dry powder formulations by Using chamber

Kajiram Adhikari


The aim of this research study was to determine amphotericin B (AmB) permeation across lipid bilayer membranes mounted on Transwell® composed of two different lipid bilayers. The lipid bilayer membranes were prepared in the composition of phospholipid and ergosterol as well as phospholipid and cholesterol in a ratio (67:33 mol%). AmB-lipid formulations were prepared from AmB incorporated with five lipid derivatives (KDC, KC, SDC, SC and SDCS) during a lyophilization process. The lipid bilayer membranes and AmB-lipid formulations were successfully prepared. Permeation results were two to five fold higher than for pure AmB in the ergosterol containing lipid bilayer and two to four fold higher than AmB in the cholesterol containing compositions, both of which were enough to kill the fungi according to their MICs and MFCs. We suggest that these products especially the AmB-sodium deoxycholate sulfate are potential candidates for targeting AM cells for the treatment of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis. Key Words: Amphotericin B; Cholesterol; Ergosterol; Phospholipid, Lipid bilayer; Ussing chamber.

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